Archives - 2012
Saturday, Nov 3rd Looks flat, it's chilly, low tides are early morning or late evening. Probably a good day for a walk on the beach but might be surfable before low tide or with the incoming high tide. Water is that do I or don't I wear a wet suit/spring suit level.
Monday Sep 3rd Water was warm, went out an hour before the afternoon low time, figured with a 11 second period there should be some decent waves. It was a little bumpy, but if you waited there were some nice 3ft waves with a little power to them. Spent just over an hour and had about eight rides. Fun, it's a shame there were a lot of unridden waves out there and they were pretty consistent.
Sunday Aug 12th Water was refreshing, went out about 30 minutes before low tide, there were a few rideable waves that were maybe knee high. As the tide and the swell started coming in there were some 2-3ft waves, fun to ride. Spent about 2 hrs in the water. As always, a good time. Expect tomorrow to be better with the incoming swell
Friday July 20th Back out in the water, it was fun, not the best of conditions, but the swell lines were strong enough to give some rides on a longboard. Doubful you could have gotten much on a smaller board. It was just good to get back in the water. Was able to catch enough of the 2fters to keep it fun.
Friday May 18th Waves were decent size, some 3 ft'ers, got out right at low tide, a little after. It was fairly bumpy, but it was fun. Got a few rides, can tell I'm way out of shape. Need to keep getting out, nothing like waves, sun and bikini's.
Saturday May 5th Waves were pretty small, water was pleasant, sun out, got in a lot of paddling practice which I needed after this long, long, long layoff from surfing. Caught a few rides, nothing to brag about, it was just fun to get out again.

Archives - 2011
Saturday,Aug 27th That was a fun session, got out around 2:00, still good size to the waves, the wind made it a little hard to get good speed up, caught a few nice waves. Worn out, but it was short but fun session. Hopefully there's something left tomorrow, I'd like to get out again. Just not surfing enough.
Saturday, July 30thWent out a couple of hours before low tide, changed the setup on my board removed the side fins and put a 9" pivot fin all the way in the back. Great setup for the smaller waves, it was small out there, but I had quite a few fun rides, the setup worked great, that's what I'll be using on the small wave days in the future, got out of the water just before low tide, the wave size had dropped into the unridable range. Fun day.
Sunday, Jun 12thWas out for a few hours, looked like 2, maybe 3ft waves. Fun session had a good workout, the northward drift was pretty strong. Waves we semi-glassy early, had some surfable sections as the day went on. Got out before low tide, left 30 minutes after low tide.
Saturday, Apr 16th Did a double session, while it was bigger around low tide it was fairly bumpy, hard to catch waves. It cleaned up around 2:30 or so, and the incoming high tide provided some since clean waves. Good workout, and had fun.
Looks a little bumpy on the cams this morning, suppose to clean up by low tide, I think I'm going to give it a try.
Saturday, Apr 3rd Took advantage of the flatness and went fishing, just nice to get out on the ocean. Caught a nice niced King Mackerel, will be having Mackerel steaks for a while now. Was a lot choppier out than expected.
Saturday, Mar 19th Hard to believe it's been since Christmas week since I've been surfing and it felt like it. Waves were in the 2ft range near low tide, a little bumpy, but decent lines. Caught a lot of nice short rides, it was just nice to get out in water. Water was around 70F, wore a spring suit, but plenty of folks from up North out in the water, I coulda probably braved it. Can't go this long again without surfing, there's something wrong with that.
Sunday Jan 30th Been fishing more than surfing lately, fish weren't biting, it was good to get out into the sun, probably would have gone surfing if the fishing trip didn't come up. Need to drop a few pounds so I can fit into the wetsuit better.

Archives - 2010
Wednesday Dec 22nd Fun day, I've put on too much weight and it was a real struggle getting into my wetsuit. Waves were in the stomach high range, clean. I haven't been out in a while since Sept and I could tell, had a struggle paddling fast enough to catch the waves. But it was fun, it's always fun. There were quite a few people out, drift was to the south.
Saturday Dec 18th Went fishing in the port, the blues were in a feeding frenzy. Let my buddy keep them all I'm not a fan of blues, was hoping to get some Spanish Mackerel. Water was very smooth, hoping I can get out of the Christmas break and get some surfing in, I haven't been since September, that's just too long.
Saturday Oct 9th Looks like a fun longboard day, figures I have a bad cold and can't get out. Nice looking lines on the games, get out around 1:30/2:00, should be a fun longboard day, think of me has I'm hacking up a lung
Sunday Sept 5th If you were patient, there were thigh high sets coming in on the outside, made for some rides. I was out at 4, and there was no one else out at 3 or 4, looked like a few people around 1 & 2. Got out about 45 minutes before low tide and it was fun until around 12:30 or so, then the swell just died off. Always fun to get out, plenty of sun, water and bikini's still out.
Saturday Sept 4th I'm still out of shape, had fun, went with the 9" cutaway fin instead of my normal 7" md2. Caught a few good rides, then was just worn out, plus it was time to come back and watch some football. I'll be back out tomorrow. There are still good waves out there, so go ride some.
Sunday Aug 29th Unless you're really in good shape, I'd avoid going out, it's tough getting out past the break, near impossible for longboards and since I'm old and use a longboard, it's a out of the water day for me. Looks like it could be fun for shortboarders that are very experienced. It's very dumpy and lumpy out there.
Sunday Aug 8th First double session in a long while. I can still feel the rotator cuff, but it's better. A little smaller than yesterday, but clean lines. I left around 12:30, waves were still rolling in, great day. Probably knee high with occ waist high sets.
Saturday Aug 7th It was still pretty good out when I left at 12:30, I'm just out of shape, and there was thunder, figured it was best to get out of the water. 2-3 feet, occ 4 ft, clean lines, glassy. Very nice long board conditions. It was Playalinda crowded out there, probably someone within 50 ft of you on either side. It was fun, will get out again tomorrow.
Looks like Colin's swell has died down some still should be nice clean longboard lines. Shouldn't have to worry about thunderstorms until the late afternoon.
Sunday Aug 1st Went out fishing, the only thing that seems to be biting was the black sea bass. There were quite a few large leatherback turtles out in the water, along with a lot of jellyfish. Looked like a nice meal for all the leatherbacks.
Thursday July 8th Got out around 10:30, left around 12:30, waves were ridable, slightly bumpy, cleaned up later, there still longboardable waves when I left. Still out of shape, just not getting enough surfing in. Went out last Friday without the board because it was high tide and just did some body surfing, good for my shoulder. If you were patient there were some thigh high waves on the outside. All in all, it was fun and a nice workout. Though when isn't surfing fun.
Sun Jun 13th To be a kid again or retired, weekend flat, M-W looks longboardable, if one could only be able to surf when the waves are surfable instead of just hoping they're good over the weekend.
Sat May 22th That was fun, 1-2 feet with occasional 3 feet. Got out about 45 minutes before low tide. Waves picked up with the incoming high tide, left around 11:30. I'm still out of shape, but it feels good to get out, water was nice, had a dolphin surf a couple waves with me. Took me off guard the first time. Finished the day with a nice ride back into shore. Looked like the short boarders where catching some waves too. Similar conditions tomorrow, maybe bumpier. Waves were still decent when I left.
Sat May 8th The drought is over, waves were small, maybe a foot, water was nice. Had a few rides, but mainly it was just good to get out. I'm out of shape, could fill it in the paddling. The two young ladies near me were making me look bad, catching quite a few of the small waves. Of course, they didn't have to power as much weight as I had to.
Sun Apr 18thWas hoping to get out mid-afternoon, looks like conditions are going to slop up, high tide should be clean, not sure if the tide will be too high to kill the waves or not. I'll watch the cams. I need to get back out before I forget how to surf. Still might head out, just to get some paddling in, though it's not that great of a day at this point. High tide looks like the best wind conditions, though thunderstorms are expected.
Mon Mar 29th Sigh... Why couldn't we have the M-W waves on Sat and Sun. I've got to get back out surfing again. I'll take a 2ft semi-glassy day, even if I have to get into the wetsuit which I haven't used all year.
Sun Feb 14th Valentines day and the surfing drought for me continues. I need a nice clean 2 ft day to get back out and work the shoulder. This has lasted a lot longer than I expected, add in the cool weather and I've probably gotten too big for my wetsuit. I need a nice weekend day.
Sat Jan 30th Cams look kinda crappy for the weather, if it was warm and sunny, I'd be gone. Thunderstorms come in around low tide bringing the off-shores. Not looking appealing until maybe late afternoon, but I suspect the tide will kill the 2ft swell.
I'll be watching to see if it cleans up some, could be a good day to try and get back out again, it's been way too long, put on some weight, hopefully I can squeeze into my wetsuit if things clean up around noon like they're suppose to.
Sat Jan 23rd When out fishing, just off shore, could see some nice occasional sets coming in, there were more folks out surfing than I expected for the smaller colder waves. Nice day out, the fish weren't biting worth a darn. Good to get out in the sun though.
Sat Jan 16th Very long spell with no surfing, I think I need a nice 2-3ft clean day where it's a little warmer just to get warmed back up again. First time in years I haven't surfed in the winter.

Archives - 2009
Sun Dec 13th Looks choppy on the cams currently expect it to clean up around noon when the winds shift SSW, looks to be decent size. I can't wait for my vacation break and get off all this overtime so I can try to get back surfing again. Going on three months now.
Sat Nov 21st One day I'll get back in the water, between the rotator cuff, work and being sick, it just hasn't been a good fall for surfing for me.
Friday Oct 30th Between work and the rotator cuff injury, it's been the longest dry spell for surfing for me since I started. Hopefully I can get some surfing done on Sunday, arm is still sore, but it's probably getting time to give it a test drive.
Saturday Oct 10th The one mile bouy showing 2.3 ft, that's definitely surfable, low tide has has already passed, might still be surfable, doesn't match what I was seeing in the predictions though. Looks like it could be a fun day at the beach, or watching football. Still thinking tomorrow dawn patrol is best.
Saturday Oct 3rd The flat spell continues, it's possible if you're desperate around low tide and have a big enough log, you might catch some gliders, but that's probably doubtful. But it's nice out.
Sunday Sep 27th We caught few Black Sea Bass that were above the limit, threw a whole bunch back because they were too small, caught half a one, I assume a shark bit into on the way up, caught three sharks, released them all. Caught one Lane Snapper, released it, only to later learn the limit was 8" not 12" :(. Rotator cuff still bugging me, heading out fishing, hate getting up so early in the morning though on the weekends, the only time I get to sleep in. Hopefully we'll catch a few big ones.
Saturday Sep 19th Still out with the rotator cuff injury, bummer, because I could use some surfing time for stress relief. Looks pretty choppy on the cams, not missing much.
Saturday Sep 12th Nice weekend for surfing and I'm out the rotator cuff is still in bad shape. Continuing to stretch it, but I think it'd probably be bad to push it surfing today
Sunday Sep 6th Looks like I'm out today, my rotator cuff is in some serious pain. Not sure I could even paddle out today. Kinda of a bummer, because it looks to be a lot like we had yesterday. Fun knee high with occasional waist high waves. Take some vinegar with you, the jelly fish were out yesterday, but not that bad, it's the brown ones, but you will probably get stung some.
Saturday Sep 5th Went out close to 1:00, it was fun, smaller and cleaner than yesterday. Breaking pretty well on the outside, 1-3 feet, smooth rollers, fun longboarding waves, big enough the shortboarders could play. Still fun when I got out near low tide. Not too crowded, I ended up going to #4, three people showed up about an hour after I was out there. There were some of the brown jelly fish out there, I was sting a few times, but their stings are not as bad as a yellow fly bite
Friday Sep 4th Went out around 12:30, a few hours before low tide, if you waited, there were some chest high sets coming in, a little bumpy, but surfable. Wish I woulda had the 9" cutaway, would have held the wave better. But I had fun, I was the only one at #3 for a while, quite a few people at #1, a few at #2 and #4. By low tide more folks were getting out. Had fun, probably the conditions we'll have all weekend, the glassier waves will be during the early morning high tide.
Sunday Aug 30th That was fun, it was knee to waist high, fairly clean lines, glassy. Not too crowded. First time in a while I've been out for two days straight.
The 1 mile bouy is at 1.6ft, that normally means longboardable waves. It's going to drop off fairly quickly, get on it in the morning. The cams looking glassy, no one out though, maybe a little closer to the 10:49 low tide
Saturday Aug 29th Now that was a fun session, got out around low tide, it was fairly crowded out there. If you were patient you could get some chest high sets, but plenty of waist high sets to play on. Clean waves, fairly glassy conditions and the water was pretty clear (could see my feet). Spent about three plus hours out in the water. Getting old, on a day like this I coulda lasted 5 hrs. It was still pretty good when I left but the sets were spread out further apart.
Saturday Aug 22nd Looking at the cams, it looks very crowded out there. Early morning size looks to be 4ft, with the bouy's showing it building all day. By low tide the waves should be pumping.
Friday Aug 21st Went out about half hour after high tide, the tide was keeping the waves from breaking. Within an hour they started breaking, started getting some nice rides, ended up leaving around 1:00 or so because of lightening. There's still time to get out if the storm has passed, should be some fun rides. Don't miss it, the beach is closed tomorrow, that was confirmed at the gate.
Today is the day to go if you're going to Playalinda, beach will be closed on tomorrow's Epic surf day. I'd call the number above just to double check. But you'll probably half to head else where. I'm going to take advantage of the beach being open today since I have the day off.
Sunday Aug 16th 8:15 update - Cams showing pretty bumpy surf not sure it looks fun for a longboard, might be able to catch a few on a shortboard, not seeing any semblance of lines. 1 mile Bouy at 3ft, should be surfable, not sure how choppy it will be. Need to get out before low tide for the best wind conditions, they bump up to over 10kts by 11:00.
Saturday Aug 8th Wouldn't you know it, one of the better weekends all summer and I have stitches so I'm sidelined for this weekend. Hope you guys enjoy, looks like it could be fun, though the tides and the winds don't match up well.
Saturday Jul 25th Got up too late for the morning session, should be another fun day. I'll be out celebrating my wife's birthday with our two sons. Maybe I'll be able to sneak out with one of my sons for the late afternoon session.
Friday Jul 24th That was bigger and bumpier than I expected, which out with my 7" skeg, the waves were stomach high or higher, pretty bumpy and windy in the water, even those the flag at the guardshack was hanging limp. It was fun, still have time before low tide, get out and ride it, shortboardable even.
Sunday Jul 19th That was a since surprise, when out after mowing the back yard, rideable longboard waves. Only I left was lightening. Went back to my tri-fin setup with the 7" skeg.
By 9am, it's dropped to 1.3, probably will mow the law. Bouy is at 1.6 ft, if it holds, there should be some waves, looks to be larger than yesterday which was nearly flat. Could be longboard fun, I'll keep an eye on the bouy with low tide near noon, still need to mow the lawn.
Saturday Jul 18th Wasn't much out there, a couple of waves to slide on, but that was it, you had to be in the exact right place at the right time. Ocean, bikini's and sun, can't really complain thoough.
Bouy's and forecast don't match, forecast shows 1.6 ft, bouy shows 1.3 at 6:21am. I'm still heading out, haven't been surfing since Jul 5th, and even then, it was just paddling. Guess I'll stick with the single 9.5" pivot fin since I wanted to give that a try over the tri-fin setup on my 9.5' Walden.
Friday Jul 10th Probably won't bother updating over the weekend, it's flat, the beach is closed until Endeavor launches.
Monday Jul 6th Thought I've give it a try since I haven't been in the water for nearly a month. I figured with the one miler at 1.3, it would be flat, and it was, but I got a lot of paddling in going between 2 and 4. Still fun to get out in the water. It's been too long since there have been ridable waves and I've been able to get out and ride them.
Sunday Jul 5th Since I'm off tomorrow and expect occasional knee high waves, I'm waiting until then. In the meantime, just doing some yardword.
Really hard to get into the report when it's flat. Bouy is 1ft, normally need 1.6 to have rideable waves. I may head out near low tide just to get some paddling in to work on my arms. Feet are sore from waiting in the race line to leave the Coke Zero 400 early this morning.
Saturday Jun 27th Thunderstorms killed that idea. The flat spell continues through the 4th of July weekend.
Debating about going our for the later low tide, one mile bouy shows 2 ft which is longboardable if accurate. I'll watch the cams to get an idea.
Saturday Jun 20th Bummer, can't get out, but it looks very longboardable today, great conditions, if you can get out. One miler at 1.6 ft.
Saturday Jun 13th Took advantage of the downtime to clean the wax off my board, about a softball size I cleaned off. I found quite a few cracks on the deck, used some ding repair to fix them, a few indentations, but not too bad. Should be ready to hit the water next weekend I hope.
Not missing anything but sun, water and bikini's with the beach being closed. I checked the recording and they're still closed. I'll check again, maybe it'll be open tomorrow. Bouy shows waves at 1.3 feet and low tide is way late in the evening or early in the morning.
Sunday Jun 7th Had fun, waves were a little bigger than yesterday, but it was a lot choppier with the winds shifing from the south by 12:30 unstead of later. Talked with a guy who said it really cleaned up after the storm passed yesterday. It was good to just get out, two days in a row, haven't done that in a very long time.
Conditions look similar to yesterday, should be longboardable if you're in the right location.
Saturday Jun 6th Waves were small, but there were occasional fun waves providing some good rides. I would have stayed longer, but there was lightening to the northeast, so I got out. Will be smaller tomorrow, but I might still get out. I need to get my paddling strength back.
SW/SSW winds, looks like 1.5 to 2 ft waves, should be longboardable, I'm going out to at least get some paddling in and get wet.
Sunday May 31st Looking at the cams, it's pure glass, looks like you could walk on the water. It's days like this that make me think of getting a SUP, nice day out, water looks enticing, but it's just flat like a mountain lake.
Friday May 29th Looks like a good weekend to replace your wax and fix your dings, or go fishing.
Monday May 25th It was good to get out again, needed to get out earlier since I'm suppose to cook burgers on the grill. If you're thinking about it, go out, still plenty of time before low tide. Waves were 2-3ft, very longboardable, some of the kids where surfing the beach break inside. I only left because my arms were just worn out, lack of surfing will do that do you.
SSW einds from 9-11, low tide at 3:10. I'm looking to getout around 11:00, still a few hours before low tide, hopefully the outgoing tide will give some waves. It's high tide now. It's been too long since I've been out last.
Saturday May 8th Looks very longboardable, beach is closed and I have to work. Go figure. It's a plot, this has to be the least winter/spring of surfing for me in a long while.
Sunday April 19th Glad I went out, surfed like I haven't surfed in two months, but it was fun just to get out, caught a few rides, had my fin too far back. Need to get one of those gizzmo's that allow you to adjust your fin in the water. But it was fun just to get wet, definitely skinable. Probably 3-4' a little bumpy.
Guess I'll go out and give it a try, my son wants to go surfing. I haven't been in two months and would prefer a little smaller to build my paddling muscles back up. But sometimes you just have to jump in.
Friday April 17th Most likely another missed weekend, choppy overhead is a little hard for this old guy, I'd spend all my time paddling out, Monday really looks like the perfect day for me, but I'll be working. Between work and other events, it's been since Feb since I've been out surfing. This weekend should be fun for the strong surfers
Saturday Apr 11th Dawn patrol might get lucky, 1 mile bouy is 2.6ft, but will drop quickly. I'm going fishing, should be a nice day to be out on the water.
Friday Apr 10th Finally have a weekend I can surf and it looks flat. I'm tempted to take my board out just to get my paddling strength back up. Swell (if you can call it that) will be larger in the morning, but at high tide.
Saturday Mar 21st Looking like victory at sea conditions, very rough out, I'll leave this one for the really experienced guys and the kids.
Saturday Mar 14th Finally I get a weekend I can surf, and the beach is closed. Guess I could drive down to Cocoa Beach or north to New Smynra or just do some yard work which needs to be done. But I'm jonsing to ride some waves, it's been over a month now.
Saturday Feb 14th The flatness continues, high tide is probably taking out anything. If I can get up early enough tomorrow, I'll gamble the longboard will glide some small ones. With light W, then WSW winds, the wind conditions will be perfect, maybe there will be some high tide push right after the low tide. Early low tide before 7am.
Sunday Feb 8th The waves and I feel the same, bumpy and dumpy, 1 mile bouy is 2ft, so there might be something if you're desperate. But the waves and I have a cold. Looks like a swell might be coming in around Wednesday or Thursday.
Sunday Jan 25th Seemed a little smaller today, but the waves a little more powerful. A few more people out too, you could see the bottom, wish the water was that clear all the time. Had fun, plenty of small waves to catch.
Should be similar to yesterday, but slightly larger, 1 mile bouy is 1.6', 20 mile 2.3'. Weather should be nice, warms up to 75F for low tide. You should find something to ride on with a log.
Saturday Jan 24th The water was crystal clear, I don't remember it ever being that clear. Waves were ok, there was no + to the 2ft, and you had to wait for a good set. I got there around noon, left around 2:00, the waves had pretty much died out by then. Not many people out surfing, I could see two down by #2, and one or two up by #4. Used the 9.5" pivot fin, was pretty fun. Water was brisk, I'm glad I wore my booties, I think my feet woulda froze off otherwise. I can't believe it's been since Jan 3rd that I last surfed, ouch.
Waves look glassy on the cams, nice lines, 1 mile bouy is 1.3', 20 mile bouy at 2' water temps low 60's, air temp to rise to 70 by low tide. I'm thinking about it, looks like full wetsuit and booties if I go.
Sunday Jan 18th Looks enticing, but it's 43 degrees out there. I have to fix my brake lights anyway. Though it's suppose to get glassy late afternoon and up near 70.
Saturday Jan 3rd I was the only one out for a while, nice little 2ft waves, fairly clean and semi-glassy, got out around 2:30. Another surfer came out around 4:00, was worn out and got out around 4:30. It was still surfable, endedup wearing the full suit since the sun wasn't out in full force. Wish I had brought my 9.5" cutaway, the waves were closing out and it works better on closeouts. Still pretty fun, suprised at the lack of people out surfing.
Overslept this morning's low tide, heading out around 2:30, look pretty nice on the cams down south. Hopefully they'll be some longboardable waves still.

Archives - 2008
Monday Dec 29nd That was fun, nice clean sets early, spread out so it was easy to paddle out, if you were patient there were a few chest high, primarily waist high. Used the spring suit, too warm for a wetsuit, probably could have skinned it. Was "playalinda" crowded early (though not that bad), I suspect #1 being closed had a lot to do with it. When the winds shifted WNW it got a little bumpy. Nice sets at low tide, I was just getting too tired to push up easily, still feeling the effects of my Christmas cold. Very fun day.
Looks like a good day to be off work, 1 mile bouy, 2ft@11 seconds, 20 mile 3.3@10 seconds. Swell is from the ESE. Winds West until low tide at 3:00, 6-7 knots, shifting WNW/NW 5-6kts. Looks like it should be a fun day with perfect sided waves. I'll probably head out between noon and 1:00.
Sunday Dec 21st Small fun waves today, primarily 2ft, some 3ft sets would roll in. It was a little crowded, probably because the boardwalk at 1 was closed for repairs. Lot of fun, got out right at low tide and got out of the water around 11:30, still some rideable sets, but a long wait. Hope you got out, it was fun.
Couldn't get up early enough yesterday, looks like 8-10kts SW winds until noon switching to WSW until 2pm, the W winds until late afternoon. One mile Bouy is 11 seconds @ 2ft, grab a longboard. Water temps in the mid to upper 60's.
Saturday Dec 20th: Get on it early, low tide is way too early for me, but I'm going to catch the incoming high tide, the winds are perfect, should be longboardable. See ya out there.
Monday Dec 1st: That was fun, nice little knee to waist high sets, took the pivot fin out, had fun with it. I was the only one out at #3, I did see a few folks out by one. Three out of four days surfing, I'll take that anytime.
Saturday Nov 29th: Sorry I was late, was watching football. Fun day, average wave smaller than yesterday, but there were bigger sets. Again a northerly drift. The walkback after getting out was long and slow.
Water temps low to mid 60's, should be a nice day, winds a little strong, SSW. Should be fairly clean conditions. After I dry my wetsuit out, I'll be out on it for a while, probably get out a few hours before low tide.
Friday Nov 28th: That was fun, got out for a couple of hours, would stayed longer, but going bowling tonight, so I needed to rest up. Expect tomorrow to be even better. Needed a springsuit or wetsuit.
Cams look clean, winds offshore until around 3:00, then turn south. I'm getting out on it for the low tide. Heading out with my son, should be a fun day.
Sunday Nov 22nd: Could be some waves to catch if you want to brave the cold, if this mornings conditions were later today, I'd probably be on it. Expect it to chop up later. Early NW winds shift to NNE by 11:00. Winds and tides match up pretty well.
Saturday Nov 15th: There were quite a few folks out, especially nearer low tide. Conditions were nice, I was just worn out and couldn't catch a lot of waves. But I did get a few, fun as always, went out feeling rundown, now tired, but not so rundown. Surfing always makes me feel better.
Cams are showing high tide, looks like some lines, will probably be 1-3ft near low tide, I think I'm heading out between 12:30 and 1:00. I know it's warm, but I'll probably wear a springsuit, the water temps are probably the low 70's and if there's any overcast it'll be a little chilly. But I suspect folks could skin it.
Saturday Nov 8th: That was fun, I wore a springsuit, probably a vest would have been fine, a few people skinning it, but with the overcast, it was a little chilly. Glassy 2 foot waves with occ 3ft sets. Got out in the water by 9am, finished surfing afer noon when my arms were just too tired. The incoming high tide was starting to kill it. Hope you got out.
1 mile bouy at 1.6, 20 mile at 3ft, winds S @2mph, switching to SW then SW, WSW 5-7kts until 1, then shifting W and NNW by 3. Low tide @9:21am. Warms up to 70 by 9, 79 by noon. Water temps mid-70's. Take your longboard and get on it.
Sunday Nov 2nd: Cams looks fairly glassy, might be worth getting out. I have a bunch of yard work to get done, so I'll miss it. Winds shift NE towards low tide.
Saturday Oct 25th: Closed out a little more than I would have liked, had a few wipeouts, where the wave just closed out on me. Had to wait between sets, but there were some good sized waves. All in all, fun day. Get out, still pretty decent, I left around 1:30.
1 mile bouy is at 3.9ft, winds SW at 6kts, switching to WSW at 10 and W at 8 kts by 2pm. Looks to be perfect conditions all day, get out. Winds shift to WNW by 4pm.
Saturday Oct 18th: Didn't get up in time for Dawn Patrol, but I was jonesing for some surfing, went out about 1:30, high tide still killing the waves, but around 3 it was nice and rideable. Had fun, went out with my son, always good to hang out with the boys. I was so tired by the end of the day I could barely push up. One thing about surfing, you always feel better afterwards. All in all, a fun day.
Dawn patrol is the call, WSW winds at <5kts until 8, then W winds at 5-8kts until noon. If you get out at park opening and catch the incoming tide right after low tide you should still have a 3ft swell, dropping to 2.3ft by noon and high tide. I hope I can get up that early.
Friday Oct 17th: You still have time for low tide, wind is light, though it's getting a little more textured. That was fun and just what I needed, easy paddle out to the outside break. Nice fun rides, but I'm sure not in paddling shape, barely could paddle. Was tired at the end and pearled a couple of times, just couldn't push the back down. All in all, it was good to get wet, and fun, but bring a longboard.
Didn't get on it early, sleep in, still recovering from the crud. But it looks like it was glassy early from the wind direction. Still WNW winds into the afternoon, I might get on it after noon, winds pick up though, but still offshore.
Saturday Oct 12th: This blows, I miss a week because the bridge breaks, then I fly to Boston, catch the flu or some crud while on the plane, miss last weekend, and then this weekend I still have it and miss today's low tide. Looks like it coulda been fun with a long board. Being sicks sucks, I guess that's why it's being sick.
Sunday Sept 28th: I'm out of town while this good session rolls in. I head out today to catch low tide, and find the Max Brewer bridge is closed. I don't think it's worth driving up to the northern entrance, since that's 30 minutes out of the way. Bummer :(
Sunday Sept 21st: Went fishing this morning, as glassy as the lagoon was, I imagine the water had to be semi-glassy. Hope you got out, there were no winds early this morning.
Saturday Sep 20th: 7:50am - 20 mile bouy at 5.2, and the 1 mile at 2.3. Dawn patrol would have been the time to get out to beat the winds. Still under 10 kts until 10am. Still time to get out, still should be lower tide, high tide coming in. The cams look 1-3 feet, still not choppy yet.
Sunday Sep 14th: Sometimes you just have to go out, bad call on my part going for the cleaner conditions over the tide. I didn't go out until 11:00, which worked, waves were a little mushy at first, but as the tide rolled out, they got better, nice longboard day, not sure a short board woulda worked. But I had fun, not Hanna waves, but still 2-3ft waves that were rideable.
Cams look mushy, tide is killing anything out there, might be better to wait until closer to low tide, but it'll be bumpier. Tides and wind don't match, light winds early, but higher tide. But there should be some longboardable waves. I recommend getting out around 9-10, should be best around then.
Saturday Sep 6th: It was definitely rideable, the tide took away the 3ft waves, but there were occ 5+ ft waves, it was a little choppier than I expected, but it was fun. A little crowded, but not too bad, people weren't sitting on top of each other. Met a few folks out in the water, a couple of other old guys were out there. Expect it to get better for the evening low tide, I'd recommend getting out. There was some kid, couldn't have been older than 12, ripping the waves. Shore pound was pretty rough to get through, I got beat up getting out, once I got out though, there was enough time between the sets so that the paddle out wasn't too bad. I used my 9" cutaway, glad I did, it gripped the wave better and I needed that on some of the steeper waves. I never could turn into any of the barrels. Did see a 4ft black tip swimming around.
Sunday Aug 17th: That was fun, much better than I thought, consistent 2-3ft, with occ 4ft if you were deep enough. Wish I can gotten out a little earlier, semi-glassy early on, bumpy later, but the waves weren't closing out, so you could turn and get some good rides. Toward the end, I was just too tired, and rode my last one back into shore. Hope you got out, the shortboarders were even having fun.
Saturday Aug 8th: If you just want to build up your paddling skills, today is a good day for it. Was primarily 1ft, occ 2ft sets. If you didn't get out early, you missed it. If you paddled really hard you could get a few rides this morning. Tide has killed whatever there was, and it drops off, no late low tide today.
Friday Aug 8th: Wasn't quite as good as originally thought, I got out close to 8am. It was about 1-2ft, with occ 3ft'ers, Seemed to get better about an hour after low tide, but then by 11:00 the tide started killing it. Might be good at the second low tide, try around 5:00pm. Cute young lady surfing next to me from UCF. Always like to see the lady surfers out. All in all it beat working, sun, waves and girls in bikini's what more could you want :).
Sunday 20 July: Went out around 11:00 again, nice lines and glassy, not as big as yesterday, still 1-3 ft. Once the onshore winds started blowing, it started getting a little choppy, still rideable. It was fun, surf, bikini's what more could you want. I think I earned a beer, I'm going to pop one open. It's been a fun last two weeks. Put the pivot fin up, could turn the board a lot easier, but think I shoulda gone with the smaller fin. You still have time to hit the low tide, get out and have some fun.
Saturday 19 July: That was fun, it was 2-3ft and glassy early, as the winds shifted to the SE the water had a bumpy texture, but the lines were still pretty clean. I left around 2pm, I would expect it's still rideable, even for shortboarders on the inside break. If you go out far enough, there are occasional 4 fter's. I always love when I get my final ride of the day all the way into shore. Only downside was I put my 9" pivot fin too far back, made it hard to turn, but I was expecting smaller waves and was going to play around trying to hang 10. But I did get to practice the bottom turns. There's still time, get out and go surf it.
July 13th: Wow!!! It was a little crowded, but not too bad, plenty enough glassy 4 ft'ers to make it really fun. Could only do two hours, was tired from paddling, perfect longboard conditions, and the shortboarders looked like they were having fun. Talked with some kids from West Palm when they got out, thanks for the beer offer :). But I needed to get home and wait until later to have a beer and a cigar under my oak tree. I'm still stoked, that was just plan fun. Oh yeah, the water was "refreshing", you could definitely feel the themoclines.
July 12th: My son got out, said it was nice, but very crowded. Said a few folks were getting into fights. Surfing is suppose to be a Zen thing, not a hostility thing. Sigh, the best session of the summer, happening on the weekend and I have to work. Looks like it still should be here tomorrow though, and I'll be out getting wet then.
July 6th: A little choppier, and the waves were closing out more today making them a little mushy. I got out before 2:00 and left around 4:15, there were some 2+ footers, mainly 1 ft waves, a kid out with a 7'6" board was having fun, as I was on my 9'6" log. The shortboarders were giving up after a while. In this conditions, get a fish or longer board. Shortboards just don't work. All in all, a good surf day, sun, water and women in bikini's that's always good.
July 5th: Went out at 2:00, a few hours before low tide, it was a little bumpy, but pretty fun. Nice little 2ft waves, starting closing out more nearer lowtide, but still fun. Used the 7" Mikey DeTemple fin, great fin for turning the board, and easy to catch smaller waves with. Hope you got out, don't know if it was shortboardable.
Sunday June 29th: That was fun, clean and glassy early, nice rights, could get some nice longboard rides. Surprisingly after low tide it was still good, occasional 3 ft sets, with about 10 minutes between sets, low tide was really low. I left because my arms felt like rubber, it was still ridable around 1:00, hope you got out.
You'll have to get on it early, SW winds start changing to S around low tide, will start getting a little choppier after that, with thunderstorms by 3pm.
Weekend Jun 21st: Watching the cams around high tide, there are some nice potential lines. I have hopes for the late low tide (sleep too late to watch the early one). If you're desperate for waves, I think it's worth a shot with a longboard around 2pm or so, winds will be WSW at about 9kts.
Sunday Jun 14th - The surfing was great, nice clean waves, got out around 10:00, had fun with my son. Broke my leash, so I surfed without it for a while. On the way home I decided to go to Stickies to get a new leash, and bam! Some guy from Germany cut across two lanes out of no where and smacked me, messed up my truck, luckily nobody was hurt. Oh well, still a good father's day, both sons are here
The winds have switched to SW and WSW until just after noon. It's going to be nice longboard waves this morning, get on it, I'm heading out in an hour or so.
Sunday Jun 8th - Could be longboardable at the right spot just before a low tide.
Saturday Jun 7th - Small, but still fun. It was just me and a cute young lady in a brown bikini. Reminded me of when I was young, my wife had a brown bikini I loved :). Caught quite a few rides, had the wrong fin for nose riding, my 7" DeTemple. Best thing I did was buying the 9'6" Walden Magic for days like today.
Tides and winds aren't playing well together. Seems whatever little swell we have drops by low tide, with the winds picking up and making it bumpy. But hey, take a log, get some sun and get a little wet. I will be.
Sunday Jun 1st - That was fun, the early SW winds around 10:30 had it glassy and clean. Around low tide it started getting choppy, but cleaned up some. Still longboardable when I left around 2:15, just too tired, it was smaller.
We have SW winds until noon, matches up well with the low time, I'm heading out in about an hour. Look forward to some longboardable waves.
Saturday May 31st - Hope for a safe shuttle launch today, tomorrow looks longboardable early.
Memorial Day - Still windy out, strong onshore winds, should be bigger. Probably messier than yesterday, if you have a shortboard it could be fun. The cams show lots of white water in the various impact zones.
Sunday May 25th - I headed out around 11:00 since I'll be heading over to a friends house around 2:00. It was bumpy, choppy and mushy, 2-4ft. Drift was southward, not enough for a two car day though. I think the shortboarders could have had some fun. Maybe there will be better power close to the late afternoon low tide. Winds are pretty strong. At spot three the lifeguard is there, and the flag says dangerous marine life.
Looking at the cams around 8:15 or so, and it just looks bumpy and very small, maybe after the mid-day high tide there might be something
Memorial Weekend - Figures, a NE swell for Sunday and the winds switch from SW to NNE. Would have been a nice setup for great conditions. Oh well, there looks to be some surfable chop Sunday and Monday.
18 May 2008 Sunday - Early morning visual from a buddy of mine fishing at spot 2, says it's flat. I'm looking for a sliver of hope that maybe there will be some low tide rides. I'll watch the cams.
17 May 2008 Saturday - Oh yeah, I went back to the 7" dolphin fin, could paddle faster, was more prone to pearl, but with today's waves that's what I wanted. Caught a lot more waves. Though when I tried to walk the nose, it just wouldn't hold. Another fun day, much smaller, I got out around 11:00, it was good until approaching 2:00. Lots of knee to waist high waves with some power. All in all, just great small wave fun. Get out today, last day of anything before a long flat spell.
16 May 2008 Friday - Wow!!! That was awesome, 3-5ft easily, got out around 2:00, left around 3:30, was just dead tired. Get out, it's still good, probably until dark it'll be fun. Just go do it.
Weekend outlook - (Sunday) Looking at the cams, the good news it looks glassy and clean. The bad news is the break is on the beach, nothing outside. Looks like a swell coming, starting Tuesday and building. (Saturday) Looking at the cams, if you're jonsing for surfing, maybe around low tide at a good sandbar you might get lucky. (Friday) If you can, get on a low tide wave today, flatness is coming. SW winds, no waves for Saturday and Sunday.
May 4th - That was fun, semi-glassy early, waist high, fun longboard rides. Odd having to go out through all the smoke and ash from what I assume was a prescribed burn. Nothing like having ash fall on you while surfing. Winds came on shore sooner than expected, chopping it up some, but still fun. I left at 2:00, was just tired, not because of the waves. Looks like SW winds until around 2:00, ESE swell moves to ENE, should be good longboarding conditions, I'm going to give it a try.
May 3rd - Looks like choppy, mushy knee high waves early. Builds to waist high later, but windy.
April 26th - Looks like the hope for semi-glassy went away. I missed the low tide, probably a good day to clean the old wax off my board and do some yard work. Yesterday was fun.
April 25th - Waves were decent size, 3-4 ft consistent, very bumpy, but some fun rides. Getting out to the outter break was a fairly easy paddle. Shortboarders would have had a good time, both inside and outside. I pretty much had the waves to myself. Lots of seaweed and the water was pretty murky, I guess after Hawaii, it'll always be murky. Had a lot of fun. I'm thinking of getting up early to try some semi-glassy waves with lots of seaweed at low tide tomorrow.
April 20th - Was a tiny bit chilly to start, but when the sun came out it was nice. Wetsuit season is officially over. It was pretty crappy out today, might have been 2ft, but the bumpiness killed the rideability. Caught a couple of mushy longboard rides. But it was good to get out.
April 19th - Today woulda been a good day to get out, but I'm feeling rundown from the timezone change and it's still chilly, too warm for a wetsuit, and I don't have a vest or springsuit. I also need to get some pictures up from Hawaii. Hopefully I'll get out tomorrow.
April 14th - Surfed Rockpiles early on, caught a few nice waves. Everyone left around noon for some reason, so I swam over to Kaisers, got a few awesome rides. The nice long ones that take you forever to swim back from. These waves are fast, hard to catch but when you do fun.
April 13th - Surfed at Rockpiles, Kaisers and In-Betweens were packed. Waves were mushy, but when the tide came in a nice few sets of chest high waves came in. Had fun with that. I just can't paddle fast enough to catch most of the waves. This would have been heaven surfing with my 9'6" Walden. Lesson learned, rent a long board.
April 11th - Had my first run in with the local(s), one of the kids was calling a bunch of us kooks, based on comparable surfing skills, I guess that would apply. Probably should have known on a big day, Fours would be hopping. Told me I should surf over closer to in-betweens. So I did, no biggie. The big waves had already come in earlier when their were fewer people. I guess I'm just a longboard guy, I'm still having trouble catching the waves with my 8'2" funshape. If I come back, I'm leaving the board at home and will rent a longer board like my 9'6" Walden. Still caught a few waves and had fun. My arms feel like noodles, they should be built back up for the surf when I get home.
April 10th - That fin setup worked, the fin further back allowed me to paddle faster and didn't drag in the wave with the smaller fin.
Will be switching back to the 7" fin and putting it further back, I missed out on a few rides because of the drag of the 8" fin. Hopefully that'll work better today.
April 5-9th - Had to surf fours since it's been so flat, the downside there is while you still have a good break, there are rocks and coral only a foot below the water at the break. Really need a longboard for surfing to get the long rides. Next time I'll read a 10' board and leave my 8'2" funshape at home. Plus it get tough surfing in the crowds. Could try the North Shore, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the overheads at Sunset, Pipe or Off the Wall. p>Surfed Rockpile and In-Betweens, a nice set of waves came in when the tide rolled in. Got some nice rides. Fell off the board once and scrapped my back on some of the rocks. That's one thing here. You can't just fall off your board uncontrolled.
Friday April 4th - I really need my Walden, the waves were small again, I think with the Walden I could have caughten a few more. Hopefully we'll get some larger waves and I can get some nice rides. But a slow day surfing beats work anyday.
Thursday April 3rd - Surfed Kaisers and the Rockpile today, was fairly flat, missed most waves, there was a break at Fours's, and Ala Moana Bowl, but somewhat crowded. Probably should have use a smaller fin today.
Sunday March 30th - Scrapped off three balls of wax from my 8'2" funshape. Put bubble wrap on the tail and nose, packed up my fins, ready to surf Hawaii.
Looking flat and bumpy, I'll try to keep the forecasts up, but I'm off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. So surfing here won't be my main concern :). I'll try to provide a few reports back.
Saturday March 29th - My son said it was fun, didn't use a wetsuit, said it was a little chilly but not bad.
Ended up going fishing with a buddy instead, the Indian river looked glassy early, so I assume the waves were glassy. Turns out my son went surfing, so I'll get a report from him.
Sunday March 23rd - He is risen - Pretty mushy and small. I got a few rides, but drifted all the way from spot 3 to 1. All rides were short, probably would have done slightly better with the Walden, but it was good to get the arms a work out. Left around low tide, winds were gusting more than 10kts it felt like.
Looking like some small lines appearing on the cams, I'm going to head out in about 30-45 minutes. Probably would normally take the 9'6" Walden with 1-2 ft waves, but I need the practice on my 8'2" funshape. I'm still wearing a wetsuit, I'm a cold whimp (translated Florida boy).
Saturday March 22nd: Got out around 1:30, it was semi-bumpy, became semi-glassy closer to low tide. Occasionally 3-4 ft waves, primarily 2ft, problem was, where the 2ft'ers were breaking was the impact zone for the 4ft'ers. Got a few decent rides, could tell I was rusty from not surfing for a few weeks. Plus using the old 8'2" board. I noticed it 8" cutaway fin seemed to grip the wave better and kept me from pearling. Had fun, was good to get out, hopefully a few more sessions on the 8'2" board before Hawaii. Just doesn't seem like surfing weather, but it looks like there may be potential at low tide. I'm heading out fairly soon and going to give it a try.
March: I'm bummed, I couldn't surf the last two weeks, flat this weekend, and now waves on Monday, having to work sucks, I just hope I can retire before I'm too old to surf and can surf on the days it's actually good. Looking flat this weekend, maybe something at a good sandbar around low tide on Saturday. I haven't been able to surf the last two weekends, and now it's flat :(.
Sunday Feb 24th: Ok, I couldn't take it, I won't be surfing next weekend because I'll be out of town, so I went out about 45 minutes before low tide. The break was good enough to catch with my 9'6" Walden, I used the 9.5" pivot fin. That fin seems to work better on the smaller waves. Could just be in my head, but what the heck, I think it's working and that's all that counts. It's been flat all weekend, wouldn't you know when low tide is at a good time for late sleepers it would be flat. One day I'll be retired and can surf on the days when the waves are actually good instead of just hoping for good waves on the weekend. But hey, I'll be surfing the South Shore of Hawaii in a month.
Saturday Feb 16th: I hate when low tide is early, I like to sleep in on Saturdays. Got out around noon, waves were still pretty decent at that point, if you waited there were some nice 3ft sets. As high tide approached, it became pretty iffy. I did the ol', just one more ride. I got one more, but it was pretty mushy. Maybe it'll get better, but only a few hours until the beach closes. I'm off to the race tomorrow, so no blog entry for surfing.
Sunday Feb 9th: I'm giving up on it, even if it does get bigger, it'll be crappy conditions. Mixed reports, some sites are saying flat, 0ft flat. Theorically, it'll grow to 2-3ft and choppy by after lunch. We'll see, you should know by noon if it's really going to get any bigger.
Saturday Feb 8th: Definitely beat mowing the lawn, if you waited, a 2 fter would come rolling in, and if you were in the right spot you could get a fair ride, it died out pretty quickly after low tide. Had a couple of dolphins swimming around me, scared me at first, especially the first time when I only saw a fin, but then they came up out of the water so I could see better. I'm thinking about it, you can see some nice lines on the cams, not very big because of high tide, but I'm think they'll be longboardable at low tide. Probably use my 9" pivot fin, seems to be a better small wave fin. Or at least I think it is, I'm still trying to figure this fin stuff out.
Sunday Feb 3rd: That was fun, slight drift to the north, very light winds, nice waves. I quit, not because it was getting bad, but because my arms were so weak I could barely push-up, much less paddle. Just a great longboard day, got some nice drop and turns, that cutaway fin is easy to turn while maintaining control. And it still lets me nose ride as I catch the inside break. Still time, get on it, swell is suppose to increase as the day goes on. Wetsuit drying out, check, burgers for superbowl thawing out, check. It looks semi-glassy on the cams I'm going to try the 9.0" cutaway fin today. Maybe one day I'll figure out the differences, I'll just have to surf a lot I guess :). I'm going to try to catch low tide around 11:00. I'll let you know how it was, hopefully you'll already know by the time I post the update.
Saturday Feb 2nd: Used my 9.5" pivot fin, if I was back on the board it had a lot of drag, but in the middle it was fine. Had it all the way up in the box, seemed like I could turn fine, caught the waves pretty easily. Little bigger than I though, occasional 3 ft'ers, got there about 11:30 or so, a little bumpy, but not bad at all, the waves had some nice power, awesome longboard day. If you wanted you probably could have rode three breaks into shore. I love it when it's better than you expected. What the heck, I'm going to give it a try, nice day out, looks like small little lines on the cams. wish I wouldn't have missed the low tide. Oh well, sleep is always important.
Saturday Jan 26th: Went out a few hours before low tide around 2:00, was a little bumpy, got glassier as low tide came in. Great day for short boarders, the waves were peeling but closing how quickly. 3-5 ft, I took my 8'2" out since I need to get use to it again since it's the one I'm taking to Hawaii. Only caught a few decent rides, just couldn't paddle fast enough to catch many of the waves. Water was cold, definitely needed a wetsuit.
Wednesday and Thursday look to be great surf days. Bummer I have to work.
Saturday January 19th: I'm just not feeling it today, it's dreary and foggy out, low tide will be here soon. Could be longboardable. But this just isn't surfing weather by a longshot. It's more hot soup and campfire weather.
Sunday January 13th: That coulda been a fun session, the winds were blowing directly offshore when I got there near 2:00, occasion 3 fter, most were 1-2ft, semi-glassy, longboardable fun. Lightening killed that though. I suspect it's blown over so you still have time to hit the low tide. Looks like if you want the offshores you need to be on from 11-12, but that's right at high tide, so even though we have the nice offshores, the tide will take out any waves there are. Winds shift WSW, and then to the W as low tide approaches. Still should be good conditions. Looks to be slightly smaller than yesterday, but should be fun.
Saturday January 12: Fun day, I went out around 1:30, waves were 2-4ft at that time, as the tide went out they dropped to 1-3ft. Used my 9" cut-away fin, I'm liking this one better on anything bigger than 2ft. Still trying to figure out if fins really make a difference. Still time to catch low tide. Get out if you haven't.
Friday Forecast: Wouldn't you know it, I'm sick, how often do we get perfect off=shores at Playalinda. Go surf it, very seldom do we get SW winds like this. Man, I'm sick that I'm sick :(
Sunday January 6th: Hope you got out, it was semi-glassy, nice waves early, bigger than forecasted, 4-5 ft. About an hour after low tide they dropped to 2-3 ft, with closeouts. Caught some awesome rides, and had some wipeouts, I hate going over the board forward. It's been a cold weekend, swell wasn't as big as expected, but it looked pretty much like a shortboarders weekend. I think I'll give it a try just to get wet since it'll be a little warmer.
New Years Day Forecast: 1-2 ft clean early with 5-10kt winds, low tide 8:15am, high tide 1:50pm. Winds shifting to NNW by late afternoon, NW wearly. High today of 72F, so you probably want to wear some rubber. If you got out early, you probably could catch a few rides, but the cams down south look pretty flat right now.
Sunday Forecast: Probably skinable again, probably like yesterday, a ridable wave if you're in the right spot and patient. Already missed the morning low tide. Maybe if you get out around 4pm or so you might get some semi-bumpy low tide waves. I'm going fishing.
Friday Forecast: I'm probably going to rest today, lot of work to do around the house and I'm still sore. Paddling in a wetsuit just wears my arms out. Today looks like it could be fun again, a little bumpier. If I end up going out it'll be with my funshape
New Years Day Forecast: 1-2 ft clean early with 5-10kt winds, low tide 8:15am, high tide 1:50pm. Winds shifting to NNW by late afternoon, NW wearly. High today of 72F, so you probably want to wear some rubber. If you got out early, you probably could catch a few rides, but the cams down south look pretty flat right now.

Sunday Forecast: Probably skinable again, probably like yesterday, a ridable wave if you're in the right spot and patient. Already missed the morning low tide. Maybe if you get out around 4pm or so you might get some semi-bumpy low tide waves. I'm going fishing.
Saturday December 29th: The two rash guards worked fine, I was only cold when I first got in the water, after that I was fine. The waves were small, definitely didn't match the forecast, but there were some ridable waves if you were in the right spot. Went out about 3 hrs before low tide. The pivot fin definitely seems to work as a small wave fin. I'll keep experimenting. I'll head out around 2:00, catch the outgoing tide, low tide is pretty late, around 6:00pm, beach closes then. I wish I had a spring suit, I think I'll wear two rash guards and see if I can keep from freezing, weather is too nice to be wearing a wetsuit. I was a little hot on Thursday and it was cooler.
Friday Forecast: I'm probably going to rest today, lot of work to do around the house and I'm still sore. Paddling in a wetsuit just wears my arms out. Today looks like it could be fun again, a little bumpier. If I end up going out it'll be with my funshape
Thursday 27 December: Got out about 1:45, waves were nice, conditions glassy. Got a little bumpy as low tide approached. I was the only one out where I was at until closer to low tide. Very fun day, liked the cutaway fin. What happened to the SW winds :(, it'll still be semi-glassy early, light winds <5 kts, nice longboardable waves. I'll probably head out again, though I'm still worn out.
Christmas Eve Forecast: Looking at the Cams down south, it looks nice, not as bad as predicted. If you're a shorter boarder, it looks like a more fun today. I'm still worn out from the last two days of lots of paddling and very little riding. I'm going to rest up some. This swell looks like it's going to keep us as least waist high all week. I didn't notice any red tide.
Sunday Dec 23rd: Hope you got out, nice day for short boarders and strong longboarders. I'm not a strong longboarder, so I spent most of the day paddling. My arms feel like rubber. It was still decent when I left at 2:30. I wish there was more time between sets so I could have gotten out past the outer break easier. I'm going to give it until after low tide when the winds are lighter in hopes it's better than yesterday. Hopefully it'll be glassier like it's been down south.
Saturday Dec 22nd: Forgot to mention the good news, no red tide. I hate when the cams look good, but PlayaLinda isn't. The drift is really bad, I got in between 5 and 6, and drifted past 4 in about 15 minutes. Didn't catch a wave. Shortboarders might do ok, but take two cars. Looking at the cams, it looks very clean, long lines at 8am, so far what I see conflicts with the swellinfo projections, I'm hoping it stays like I'm seeing. Looks to be 2-3 ft, offshores, looks like the red tide conditions are not present to very low at Playalinda. I think I've going to head out to see what it's like. Low tide is approaching noon. I'll probably wear a wetsuit since I don't have a spring suit. Winds look to be 10-15kts early, 5-10kts later.
Sunday: It's windy, waves are mushy, and there's that thing called the Red Tide. Looks like a good day to just stay home, fix dings on your boards and watch some football. I hope the Red Tide is gone by Christmas.
Friday Forecast: Man, somebody had a bad day today :(. I was driving home from work in the northbound lane of I-95, people starting swerving in the right lane. I saw something in the lane, a semi tried to miss it, but had to drive over it. The object was somebody's surfboard in a travel bag, I think it got shattered under the semi. Hope that surfer's luck gets better, because that had to be a big downer. I want to get out, wave size looks good, just don't feel like dealing with the red tide effects. Found out some sad news, my wife stopped to get me a travel bag for my 9'6" board and saw the Playalinda Surf Shop is closing down :(. I'll miss the shop, they were always helpful.
Sorry lost the archive file and could only recover parts of it, lost most of October, all of November and half of December
Weekend Forecast: Flat, Saturday at a good low tide spot might be longboardable. Beach closed and it's flat. I'm starting to jones for some waves.
Monday Notes: Find an open beach, I was looking at the cams, perfect lines, glassy, if you don't have to work, get on it.
Friday Forecast: 3 ft early, semi-glassy, ,3-5 ft around low tide, semi glassy/bump later, winds <5kts. High tide 8:15am, Low tide 2:25pm. I'd surf it if I was able to.
Friday Forecast: 1-2 ft, winds 5-10kts, Low Tide around 7:50am, High Tide around 2:30 pm
Sunday Forecast: Swell starting to come in, it's a little bumpy, winds around 15kts, looks to be a solid 2 ft. Low tide near 4:00pm, High tide around 11:am.
Saturday Forecast: Looks like there's the incoming small swell for low tide today. Potential of 2-3 ft. Early morning is maybe 1 ft. Low tide around 3:20pm. Looks like it might be worth heading out at low tide, watch the cams down south to see if it's picking up any.
Friday Oct 12th: I needed to get out, even though it was small, but an hour before and an hour after low tide in place with a good bottom, if you waited for the right set, you could get some fun rides. Nothing to write home about, but it was good to get out. Horrible if you were a short boarder.
Saturday Forecast: Looks to be chest high, choppy, winds 10-15 kts, low tide after 11am.
Friday Forecast: Swell coming in early, chest to head high, 10-15kt winds, bumpy and choppy. Low tide is around 9am in the morning. Looks like we'll have big windy surf all weekend, I'll have to bring out my old board.
Sunday Forecast: Looks to be 5-6 ft, windy and bumpy, sounds like a short boarder day, low tide round 5pm. If I wasn't so worn out from traveling, I'd head out, but the lawn really needs mowing. Looks like the shortboarders should have fun today.
Saturday Forecast: Looks like it may be 2-3 and bumpy, kinda like it was late yesterday. We should start seeing the swell coming in around low tide near 4:00 today. It'll be windy, with winds 15-20 kts. I'm not sure how fun a longboard will be, might be fun for the shortboarders. I'm probably going to watch football all day and rest.
Friday Sept 28th: I'm glad I went out, it was a good 2 ft with occ 3 ft., nice lines, stayed semi-glassy for about an hour after low tide, then got a little bumpy, and the wave got a little mushy. Only one other surfer out there. Definitely a fun longboard day with the right bottom.
Sunday: Ankle to knee high, disorganized and probably mushy. Good day to watch football, NASCAR and grab a beer. Maybe finish fixing the dings on your board.
Saturday Sept 22nd: Took a few pictures, I'll upload later. It was pretty fun, but you had to be picky, there were a lot of mushy waves. I only got out an hour before low tide, there were still ridable waves, but fewer when I left around 12:30. Rode one all the way into shore, nose rode it most of the way in. I had to jump off so I didn't slam into the beach. Hope you got out early.
Friday Forecast: Looks to be a 1-3 ft, winds less than 5-10 kts in the morning, semi-choppy conditions, winds pick up to 10-15 kts in the afternoon. Low tide around 9:30 am, high tide around 4pm. Looks like it may drop in size on Saturday. Well, I took the take off to catch low tide and I overslept, oh well, it looks like it's somewhat sloppy and disorganized on the cams. It's looking too disorganized, and with high tide, I think I might go bowling. I'll make sure I get up early to catch the low tide tomorrow. Looks like it'll be 2ft and semi-glassy.
Sunday Sept 16: Spent a very lazy day, I didn't even mow the lawn. Made up an epoxy mix with fiberglass cloth fibers and filled up the crack on my board. It was a little worse than I thought it was. Note to self: No more riding shore pound on my new board. Laid on some cloth after I put the epoxy on. It'll never look as good as the new board but it'll be functional.
Saturday Sept 15: Well, if you stayed home and watched football you didn't miss anything. It never got good, basically low tide shore pound. Dinged up the front of my board and cut my foot. The foot I don't mind, now the board, that's a different story. Guess I'll spend tomorrow sanding and repairing.
Sunday Sept 9: 3-4 Occ 6 ft semi-glassy, winds where onshore, but light. Very slight northward drift. Fairly crowded again today, it was a fun sesson. Would have stayed longer, but my arms were worn out and rubbery, this was my third straight day, and it was the best day for me. Got some fun rides. Once again had to make sure I got off the board before the inner break, otherwise paddling back out would get old quickly.
Saturday Sept 8: It was 4-6/7 ft semi-choppy, much better form than yesterday, light winds early. It was picking up when I left around 1:00 or so, but still about 10kts. At times I felt like a grom out there. Had my leash wrap around my leg on one ride, fell on the board on other. Made sure I jumped off before taking the inner break, too tough to paddle backout otherwise. Spent more time just keeping my balance than turning. If you didn't get on it early, go now, it's still fun. I sure don't know how to measure wave size, but I swear, I'd look up and some ofthe waves were well over my head. Have fun and be safe, the drift is northward, go down at least one parking spot before getting in.
Friday Sept 7: Pretty windy, extremly choppy, not quite victory at sea, but close. I took the old 8'2" board which seems like a shortboard now :). I almost tried to duck dive. I was able to get out to the outer break once, catch one wave, on the second, I made the mistake of riding it to the inner break, never could get back out again. Pretty decent northward drift, not a two car day, but you will get some good walking exercise.