I apologize for the issues, NOAA has gone to secure socket connections, and I need to update my software. I will do manually until then.
- Beach hours 6am to 6pm - Long Range Wave Forecast

Nearshore BouyWater Temp: 76F Wave Height: - Last Update: - 20 Mile Bouy Wave Height: Bouy Lost Last Update: 4:20a

Day(Early) Conditions (Late) (Early) Winds (Late) Low TideHigh Tide
Thursday1-2ft light sideshore2ft semi-choppy5-10kts S15-20kts SE15:21pm9:04am
Friday2ft light sideshore2ft semi-choppy5-10kts SSE10-15kts ESE16:10pm9:53am
Saturday1-2ft semi-bumpy2ft bumpy10-15kts SE10-15kts SE17:03pm10:44m
Last Updated: 27-Apr-2017
Red Tide status

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