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Nearshore BouyWater Temp: 75° F Wave Height: 1.3 ft Last Update: 5:21a 20 Mile Bouy Wave Height: 13.8 ft Last Update: 4:20a

Day(Early) Conditions (Late) (Early) Winds (Late) Low TideHigh Tide
Tuesday1-2ft semi-glassy1-2ft bumpy<5kts N5-10kts ENE10:48 am5:01 pm
Wednesday1-2ft bumpy1-2ft choppy/disorganized5-10kts ENE15-20kts E11:42 am5:51 pm
Thursday3-4ft choppy1-4ft choppy/disorganized10-15kts E15-20kts E12:29 pm6:19 am
Friday4-5ft choppy3-5ft choppy10-15kts ENE10-15kts ENE1:12 pm7:02 am
Saturday3-4ft choppy3-5ft choppy10-15kts ENE10-15kts ENE1:50 pm7:41 am
Last Updated: 25-Oct-2016 05:55
Red Tide status - None
We upgraded our models from etopo2 bathymetry to etopo1 bathymetry. What that did was to change the nearshore environment. If you had tuned your models using etopo2 bathymetry then you would have to tune again to match the new bathymetry
Surfing Blog
Sunday, Jun 29th Typical flat summer conditions in the ocean, took the paddle board out to the Indian River just to keep in shape. Traveling has killed my surfing for the last 18 months. It'll be over soon. It was good to get out into the water and the sun. Worn out, really need to build up the paddling muscles.
Sunday, Jun 8th Took the paddle board/kayak out to the Indian River, did the standup paddle for a while, switched the paddle around and did the sitdown kayak for a while. Good to just get out in the water. This traveling is really putting a kink in my getting out in the water. I've seen some nice waves near El Segundo, but the water is too cold out there.
Sunday, April 13th Took both the standup paddle board and the kayak and went out with my son. We spend just over an hour and a half. Switched off between the paddle board and kayak. Fun day.
Saturday, Jun 8th Went out around noon, sets were deep and rideable up until around low tide. Nothing from the incoming high tide. Got quite a few nice rides, arms feel like rubber. Quite a few bikini clad ladies out, sun, surf and bikini's what more could you ask for.
Thursday, May 23rd Got out an hour before low tide, stayed for about an hour after. Right place and you could ride some nice little 3fters all the way in. You had to paddle out about 15-20ft past were the waves were typically breaking just wait. A nice 3-4ft set would come through. Woulda stayed longer, but my arms were feeling pretty sore. Fun surf.
Friday, Apr 26th Went out about two hours before low time. Fun size, 2-3 ft, semi-bumpy, the waves were a little crumbly at times. Considering it's been Sept since I last surfed, I had fun, way too long. I said that the last time. Have to rethink my priorities when I let work get in the way.
Sunday, Jan 20th Took the kayak out again, hopefully this keep my arms in shape for when I can get out surfing again. Was a little windy, could see why the waves were almost like a washing machine.
Monday, Jan 9th Used the kayak my wife bought me for Christmas. Took a little getting use to, but this will be great for when conditions aren't that good to keep in shape. Only spent about 30 minutes in the water, arms were burning. Not the same as surfing, but still fun.
Saturday, Nov 3rd Looks flat, it's chilly, low tides are early morning or late evening. Probably a good day for a walk on the beach but might be surfable before low tide or with the incoming high tide. Water is that do I or don't I wear a wet suit/spring suit level.
Monday Sep 3rd Water was warm, went out an hour before the afternoon low time, figured with a 11 second period there should be some decent waves. It was a little bumpy, but if you waited there were some nice 3ft waves with a little power to them. Spent just over an hour and had about eight rides. Fun, it's a shame there were a lot of unridden waves out there and they were pretty consistent.
Sunday Aug 12th Water was refreshing, went out about 30 minutes before low tide, there were a few rideable waves that were maybe knee high. As the tide and the swell started coming in there were some 2-3ft waves, fun to ride. Spent about 2 hrs in the water. As always, a good time. Expect tomorrow to be better with the incoming swell
Friday July 20th Back out in the water, it was fun, not the best of conditions, but the swell lines were strong enough to give some rides on a longboard. Doubful you could have gotten much on a smaller board. It was just good to get back in the water. Was able to catch enough of the 2fters to keep it fun.
Friday May 18th Waves were decent size, some 3 ft'ers, got out right at low tide, a little after. It was fairly bumpy, but it was fun. Got a few rides, can tell I'm way out of shape. Need to keep getting out, nothing like waves, sun and bikini's.
Saturday May 5th Waves were pretty small, water was pleasant, sun out, got in a lot of paddling practice which I needed after this long, long, long layoff from surfing. Caught a few rides, nothing to brag about, it was just fun to get out again.

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